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Founded in 2011 out of love for the sea, our brand has grown into a community of like-minded people. Together we want to create clothing that doesn't harm the planet and its oceans. We use water-saving fabrics, turn plastic waste into high-quality clothing, and wrap orders in paper packaging. Our products are all climate neutral. Our quest for sustainable fashion started in the Basque Country but really started when we moved to Barcelona. We pioneered pre-orders. We found better material. As we grow up as a brand, we continue to draw nourishment from the creative energy of Barcelona and the sea that soothes the coast. Lengo is about personal style, craftsmanship and change that affects the entire industry. We are currently driving the green energy transition. We also believe that fair work should be taken for granted, which is why we manufacture in Germany. When our CEO Dunocastari T. spent a year in Hawaii as a teenager, he began to see the sea differently. It becomes a source of joy and motivation. Dunocastari later shared his vision for the sustainable brand he would go on to create. Enjoy shopping.